something is missing here

the new amigurumi grows and grows, I would say it's able to walk now...

Crab progress

but I also have this strange feeling something is missing, oh it's its shell ^__^ please don't mind me being a little silly. I love how it gets together. Its legs are so cute... I found myself playing with them yesterday night.

Right now I think I want to call him Wesley. The whole crushing thing and me being a little geeky and a Trekkie, I think I just can't help it.

But in case you sit in front of your screen now and yell a totally different name at me, please feel free to write a comment.


editing just to include HOW much I'm joking around with crabster

3 Kommentare:

  1. Wesley! Perfect! And those claws do look like they'd do some damage!

    Right now, the crab looks a bit like the aliens in the movie Alien, the ones that land on your face and lay eggs in your stomach...

    I think a body will help dispel that image ;)

  2. eeeek Alien *runs to start with the body*


  3. Pablo the happy crab? ;-)


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