How I design - series - part one

A friend asked me to make an amigurumi specifically for his new born son and I thought since I'm starting from scratch I'd share my design process. A little step by step if you wanted to call it so ..

He wants a "finding Nemo" doll with the short fin. His son was born with one hand a little shorter than normal. But overall his son is all healthy and a super cutie!

Well what do I do when I make a new doll? first I research:

I always start with a google picture search .. I search for the original animal, in this case a clown fish ..


Since I wanted a Nemo, which is a specific clownfish, that already shows the typical signs of "cuteness" .. big eyes, I added Nemo to my clownfish search ..


Then I search for amigurumi that might already exist, I wouldn't want to make something that's already there ..


and I always take a look at dolls/toys of clownfishes ..


here I found a very good picture ..


the marked toy gives a very good picture of the overall shape of Nemo, especially the back fin was interesting to see, since it was continuous.

I sometimes (well quite often) make sketches of what I want, which I will share next time

so long, have a super start into the new week,

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, looking forward to seeing the next step

  2. Great to hear that you're going to show your process. As an artist myself, I love seeing how people work.

    Don't know if the Google search gave you a correct link or not, but the image you circled is a custom toy by Jason Freeny. He's got a ton of images from this Nemo toy in all angles, which I assume would be good reference for you.

    Nemo album:

    Can't wait to see what's next!

    - Rewynd

    1. Hi Rewynd,

      wow, thanks for the link I will check it out :)


  3. hi, Diana! that's an interesting process! would like to see the result soon :)have a lovely day!


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