it had a brain

designing sometimes takes forever and this time it does too, sorry for the little progress on my designing series.

But I have something else today .. a little How-To. I helped repairing a cute little toy bunny that got felted in the washing machine. In case you follow me on instagram, you might have seen this picture before:

It had a #brain .. #repairing a #toy #bunny for friends .. #craftstuff

Mr Bunny wanted to take a bath real badly and jumped into the washer, unfortunately the washer was going for a hot circle and Mr Bunny didn't read the take care sign before jumping in .. well coming out again, he was all crumpled and hard. His insides got felted terribly. And so Mr Bunny found its way to my house and asked for a fluffy belly, which I was able to give ..

here you can see Mr Bunny BEFORE he got repaired, he looks happy but he didn't feel happy, tough little fella


then I carefully opened the seam at the back of his head and opened it slowly, you can see how much his inside wool got felted, it's one solid block


Next I tried to remove the felted insides from the head/fabric. This was a little tricky .. a) the wool didn't only felt in itself it also felted to the lining of the fabric too, and b) the eyes were sewn into the head through the wool, which I would do as well, which I actually do when I sew on eyes/nose/bellys to my amigurumi, but I use stuffing that can't be felted, so that's one less problem


when I finally had removed all the felted material from his head and belly I could get, I just stuffed "some" new polyfil inside


and sewed Mr Bunnys head closed


doesn't he look all happy again?


bunny hugs,

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  1. Hi, Diana! You saved bunny's life! Brain surgery indeed:)Yes, he looks very happy now and must thanking his crafty doctor very much!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Wow. It's amazing what a little love and tender care can do to make a floppy bunny happy again!


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