Goodbye September

Hello October. September was filled with quite some work and a new amigurumi design. Now I'm curious what October will bring along. So far the weather turns colder and the leaves start falling. I love this time of the year when everything gets calmer and cozier

1. Together: I love a good breakfast with all of us together

2. My name begins with: D .. my first try on coloring on my phone

3. Lines: somewhere in Brandenburg/Germany some birds sit on power poles

4. Alone: first day at a hotel for a science exhibition, there were so many people .. the only time to be alone was on the toilet

5. Here forever: and the training marathon began, it felt like I would be staying there forever (I would see this room again next week and the week that followed)

6. Getting ready: self-explaining, right?

7. White: oh that was cool, Saturday morning, had breakfast at my boyfriends place and went grocery shopping afterwards, on the way back home I saw these lying on the lawn, perfectly fine, now they're mine ^__^

8. Made by me: I finally finished my beloved granny blanket

9. On the wall: a mirror at the hotel

10. Sweet: chocolate money/coins .. didn't ate these for ages. Do you have this sweet at your home as well?

11. What you did today: baking birthday cupcakes in the evening

12. Shadow: of a wine glass at the hotel (told you I was at hotels A LOT this month)

13. Unexpected: a cupcake for breakfast ... what else to say?

14. Liquid: water

15. Season: first signs of autumn start appearing

16. Frame: have you ever tried to make a frame with your fingers and still take the picture with your phone? it is impossible, believe me, I've tried

17. In front of me: that was a funny day .. and in front of me was some yarn bombing too .. in the middle of nowhere too!

18. Vintage: I just couldn't find anything antique that day

19. What is this?: my first birthday card arrived

20. In the morning: I usually eat something ^__^

21. Rule of thirds: the rule of thirds is a photographic technique to divide a picture into three equal parts horizontally as well as vertically. I placed my beginning mini mermaids tails right in one of the corners of such a dividing line

22. Made me smile: it was my birthday and I had beloved people sing for me ♥ flowers ♥ and new slippers for my boyfriends home ♥

23. From my childhood: a little plush toy dog, I don't remember its name but it sits in my kitchen, watching me cook

24. Space: still blank, so put in here whatever you can think of ^__^

25. H is for…: hair .. that morning my hair had its own will, flying all around, but I guess that's what it will be like for the next couple of month as I'm trying to grow out my pixie cut

26. Curve: I had planed to take a picture of my new donut baking pan .. read a post on baking donuts a few weeks ago and loved the simplicity of the idea. Baking a few donuts and glaze them with chocolate whenever you feel the need for them .. yum

27. WTF?: at our regular stitch'n'bitch I came across the most old fashioned swift I've ever seen, kind cool!

28. 10 o’clock: I was grocery shopping and forgot to take a picture

29. Gold: goldbears by haribo .. I just had way too many sweets in September and need to be strong this month!

30. Found: and last but not least in September another autumn greeting .. found some acorns

I hope everyone had a blast last month, I sure did. see you soon. ♥ Diana

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