WIP Wedn ... uhm Friday?

no. don't judge me, don't laugh at me. I found another one.

Yesterday night while cleaning I found a bag, a bag which said "hi, I include knitting" and grinned at me. I hide this stuff from myself. I swear. I wonder if hiding these from myself is some form of self protection? do I not want to finish these things deep down in my soul? Why am I hiding them from myself? is it the ever existing wish to always have something left to do? like some sort of goal in life to always look forward? deep thoughts..

anyways I found a stole. it's not bound off yet and I always intended to sew some fancy fabric to the wrong side. The fabric is there too, but no sewing. Now I don't see any event to wear a stole like this and think about frogging and re-use the yarn. Maybe knit some sort of blanket? A small one maybe for a baby or I could use it to schmancy up some of my amigurumis. I guess I will see, so far it might keep sleeping in its bag


have a lovely weekend y'all

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