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Today I will start a new feature on my blog. The WIP Wednesday. I'm sure you all know what a WIP is, a work in progress, most of mine sleep in boxes or on the back/armrests of my couch.

I've originally found this feature on Amy's blog called threadpanda (which is pretty cool, btw, you SHOULD check it out). And I loved the thing the minute I first saw it. Keeping track of what you have lying around. Actually getting aware (!) of how many projects I have going on at one moment. And as I'm about to cast on two (not only one, no, two) new cowls this very moment I figured it was about time to start my own WIP Wednesday, just to remind me to not cast on even more...

Icarus: So I guess I will start at the beginning, with my oldest WIP around. When I redesigned my blog a few weeks ago I also checked on all the labels flying around here and came across one that was called "icarus". I couldn't remember what it was, so I took a look and was surprised. I just didn't remember it at all. Icarus is also very present on my ravelry page but I stopped recognizing it. It's one of those things, that once they look like furniture/background, you just stop seeing them at all. I started this sock/stocking design in May 2009 and it seems like I forgot about it in October that year..


Snailigan: a cardigan I started in September 2009. I was very enthusiastic about this baby when I started and always regret that the move to Berlin in 2010 made me stop working on this (and looking back on most other crafty things for that year). I don't have a unique label for snailigan, where you can find all the single posts about it here on this blog, but you can search for it.

snailigan3 023

Petrol Gable: another cardigan. I don't use patterns by other designers without adding quite a few changes to them very often. And this time I wasn't as well -- although I believe changing a hooded pullover into a stand-up collar cardigan isn't that much of a modification. I like Mari's designs very very much and my favorite still is my Sylvie cardi I made a few years ago. Still wear it a lot. Anyways Gable was started in July 2010 and as mentioned above 2010 wasn't a good knitting year for me, I just was too busy finding myself in a new job and a new home and a big city such as Berlin.


Eichenlaub: is an afghan made from a "doily" pattern. I love love love Herbert Niebling's designs. They are so pretty and delicate and unique. And I loved the idea of having such a pretty design on my couch to cuddle and snuggle in. But a lace pattern such as this one takes a lot of attention. And I just don't have that much attention every evening. Started in June 2011 I made pretty good progress meanwhile, earlier this summer I worked quite a few rows on it. A single row also takes about 30-45 minutes meanwhile so I guess and hope that I will finish it this winter. Maybe one row an evening isn't too much to ask for?


Klara: is my latest amigurumi design. Started only two weeks ago I already made some neat progress. If you follow me on instagram you saw my progress so far, as I posted some pictures. (and even a video, just click the picture)

and now my new cast ons: it's getting colder and winter is approaching quickly. Last year I've turned the famous Laminaria pattern into a cowl. Seems like I never made a proper blog post on it, as the modification is quite interesting, but you can find my project page here and a picture below. Since I made this colw I wasn't wearing anything else. It's just perfect. What I never liked about classic cowls or bigger shawls is all the bulk at the neck and sometimes not enough fabric at the front. Changing a triangular shawl into a cowl solved this problem immediately and now I'm about to do this again with two other patterns.

Dec 28: cold .. it's #cold outside so I knitted a cowl .. #fmsphotoaday

Ginkgo Cowl: I've chosen a pretty honey colored merino yarn and won't change much about the pattern at all, maybe add a row of ginkgo leaves, but I'll see how it turns out once I get there.

stash12 015

Pretty as a peacock cowl: I've drooled over this pattern forever and ever (or as long as it's been around) and finally decided to buy the pattern and start on it. I'm pretty sure I'll skip a few of the rows to make it a little shorter but I will see when it's time to decide. I chose a very light bamboo yarn to try this and will work with several balls at once because I want the beautiful color changes to take a little longer. I've used this yarn before (tried to work it into a vest, but frogged already) and will use pretty small needles. The yarn doesn't hold shape very good and using smaller needles did help a lot here.


that's it, I guess seven WIPs isn't as bad as I thought. But keeping track of them will help, maybe even help with some of the older ones.
how about you? do you have tons of WIPs lying around or are you one of those (very rare ^__^) one project people?

♥ Diana

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  1. Good for you, organizing your WIP's! I usually have two or three projects lying around. I prioritize those that I'm writing patterns for, and then after that it's pretty much a free-for-all. Usually I have a big project (like a shawl or a wearable) and a smaller project for a distraction.


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