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Hi everyone, today I need your input on my latest project. the brownish shawl makes me wonder if I like it as it is or not.


so above you can see at what stage I am right now. and in this post you can see my first two stages. Now my dilemma: I just don't know if I like the texture. I mean I now like the new needle size and the feel of the fabric BUT I'm not sure whether I like the alternating ribbing. I might like a pure ribbing a lot better. And I think the thinner lighter stripes would pop a lot more. If you take a look at the stripes in the stockinette version you can see that these thinner stripes show off better. What do you think???

also I feel like the finished shawl would lay and drape a bit nicer with a clean ribbing. Do you know any shawls that use ribbing throughout? I'm not afraid of frogging and re-knitting everything so that's not an issue but I'm unsure whether I like it or not. What do you think? Please give me your input.

so long, happy Good Friday, Diana


edit: I think a close up of the pattern will be quite helpful. You can see the "alternating ribbing" here a lot better. With alternating I mean to change from purl-knit ribbing to knit-purl ribbing between each color section. I think if I just stuck to one ribbing it might look cleaner and drape better. I've also started to widen the lighter sections to four rows instead of two as I wanted to show this lighter color more.


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  1. Hi Diana! Sorry for being away fromy our blog for so long...
    Now to the deal: i can only say that it will be a pity to unweave such a piece of knitting - you've done such a great job! I only think (may be I am wrong ) that the shwals shape will not protrude well if the ribbing is wide... however I have never knitted such things so you know better of course.
    have a lovely weekend! Hugs!

    1. Hi don't worry I don't seem to find enough time in the day to read all my blogs as well :) congrats on week 26 oh wow! so happy for you.

      back to the ribbing, I meanwhile am very close to start over again, I am too curious as how the shawl will look like with a cleaner ribbing. But so far I didn't have the balls yet to frog, maybe tomorrow as I have a the day off and can make a lot of knitting time out of it

      fantastic to read you again :)

    2. Yea, i saw that you did it :) I suppose that the ribbing you want to make will be great now!
      Indeed, I am also happy to get your reply again :)


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