I don't think it's supposed to look this way

yesterday I casted on a new shawl project, the south sea stole from Laura Patterson. (rav link for pattern). I had this in my queue for at least a year and finally I found the yarn for it. And now that I casted on I feel this is wrong. Either the needles are too big, or the yarn is too thin, I mean it feels like knitting with thread. It's my first REAL lace project so maybe it's just me thinking that it's wrong but - it can't be right, right?
I know lace will bloom after blocking and always looks "ugly" first, but this is beyond my imaginations.

To be honest it's not my first real lace, I have the leaf and acorn scarf on the needles, and being half through the thing makes me think my needles might be a little too small for the yarn I choose (wollmeise, sock yarn in yummi frog green), but after all it will serve as a scarf more than a shawl so I don't really mind.

So I still learn on lace, but a little hint if the blue stole looks "good" for lace would be very appreciated.

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  1. I think it looks fine, I would just go on. :)If you look at the project page for the stole on Ravelry you will see that it is supposed to look that way.

  2. I don't know much about knitting or lace knitting for that matter but by the pic on Rav. I've gotta say I think it looks like you're on the right track. It will be gorgeous when you're finished!

  3. I think it looks like the sea waves, so you are on track with it!

  4. Hi Di!

    Ist vielleicht ein bisschen spät, aber ich würd sagen: wenn du schon so ein komisches Bauchgefühl hast, solltest du vielleicht lieber drauf hören. :-)
    Vielleicht siehts ja noch besser aus, wenn du die kleinere Nadel nimmst. Dann ist das Maschenbild an den entsprechenden Stellen etwas enger und dann kommt das Muster besser raus. :-)

  5. It looks fine to me! It's lace. It's supposed to be loose, and open, and looking like it just doesn't care. ;-)


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