Gabrielle has hair and it's red!

And isn't she cute?

I want to add some sweet details like seastars and a bra and a hairband, maybe make her a small fishy friend or maybe an octopus, we'll see =^__^=

I 'embroidered' her hair onto a crocheted wig like owlishly described in her tutorial, that I also had included in my how to.

5 Kommentare:

  1. She's gets cuter each time new pictures emerge! Thanks for linking to the hair tutorial. It's a really great one!

  2. cutecutecute!

    ich finds grossartig, dass du uns mal am prozess teilhaben lässt... ich bin schon ganz neugierig, wie sie dann fix und fertig aussehen wird!

  3. I love her huge green eyes!

  4. Gorgeous Sweety! She nearly breaks my heart. Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

  5. Wow, so cute!! You've got such talent! I thought I was hot stuff when I could crochet pot holders and I can't even remember how to do it. :)


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