merry christmas

I can see question marks in your faces, but don't worry I didn't get insane or something alike. My friends and I only decided some years ago to not be all overstressed by christmas even more in trying to find a date when we all could get together and have a wonderfull jolly afternoon and evening.
It's a lot easier this way and so today we had christmas fun.

We cooked and played cards and talked alot and laughed alot and last but not least exchanged little gifts. (I got the scrabble deluxe edition game - very happy and thankful me, one that jas been on my wishlist for quite some time)

Now I'm nearly off to bed, it's already nearly half past one in the morning, so I hope you all had a wonderfull christmas as well =^__^=
see you tomorrow when I get to talk about my new hobby (?)

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  1. I love this idea! My family probably won't play along, though ...
    Merry Christmas to you!!


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