half done and on the road again

I can't believe it but I'm half through the my paisley park rug!
I started using sticking-plaster and wrapped it around my knuckles to protect them from more "wounds". On my last post frill.friend suggested to use simple clear cleening gloves to protect them, which I think is a brilliant idea and I will try that with the next rug.

and I'm off to Aachen to another congress until saturday. I'm not really looking forward for this one, it's just one of these congresses where you have alot of work before going there but don't get much out of it. Well, it's a job, not my hobby.
Anyway what should I pack? I want to take my rug and latch hook with me, pretty nice to spend my evening at the hotel. But now I wonder knitting or crochet for the train? I only have my leaf and acorn shawl on the needles that I would like to take with me on the other hand there are some critters that want to be finished, all of them need eyes. And I think I would like to crochet a new gurumi as well, but gurumis need stuffing and having not only the needles and yarn but also the stuffing in my bag? Isn't that a bit too much? Can I ever bring too much of craftyness with me?

Another great news, I signed for the first german ravelry meeting (rav link) in september! Yeah, and I did not only sign to come to the party I will give a lesson on amigurumi as well, wow!
The meeting will take place in Backnang/Baden-Württemberg on the 12th and 13th september and I can't wait until september.

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  1. I did move my blog AGAIN! I'm so bad about this. I find a name for it I like, change the URL and then a few months later pick another name I like LOL! I know I better stop doing this if I want good traffic on my site. How'd you find me? I thought I'd have to post comments on everyone's pages for them to find me again.


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