back again

my trip ended on saturday late afternoon and I spend the rest of the day, namely about nine hours on the train to get back home. On the train I didn't crochet much, instead I have been reading. I also didn't crochet or latch hooked anything while being in Aachen.

But yesterday I spend the day continuing on the mermaid that broke my nice green crochet hook. I made little alterations to the upper body and I am about to publish the pattern for her soon. Who would have known this one would be out before my little critters?
I also finished this lovely cute snail.

It's a design of Beth Doherty, if you know amigurumi, you know her stuff, It's awesome! She also has a few other patterns out and as she writes on her website there are more to come. I always loved her snails and was a bit disapointed to not find it in her book so I was even happier when I found her note on flickr about a pattern to come.
Ain't it cute? and so small

Anyway today I spend the whole morning at the doctors office, I feel terribly sick. :o(

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  1. So cute, Diana! I like the crocheted flower :D I hope you feel better soon :(

  2. I'm loving the snail! Did you do the dc two times in each stitch like we thought or did you get your hands on one of her patterns? I still need to finish my snail. I haven't worked on him for awhile. Get better soon! Hopefully it's just a nasty cold.

  3. oooh, ein kommentar von der grande dame der amigurumi höchstpersönlich!

    das buch kennst du, oder?

    gute besserung, komm bald wieder auf die beine!

    (man, is das ätzend diesen winter. alle krank, wochenlang, heftig krank und irgendwie wird es nicht besser...)

  4. That is pretty funny. It's such a cute pattern. I'm tempted to buy one myself but money is just to tight right now. Sorry to hear things are so stressful. I totally understand why you didn't want to go into detail. I don't blame you. Thanks for sharing the link to flickr! I researched the method she used and think I might try it out one of these days. It would probably work really well for a pointed snail shell or a cornicopia (spelling?). Hope your day gets better! >HUGS<


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