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I didn't crochet much in the last days, I don't have enough time to and also needed to pause on the heads I've been talking of last time. I'm making two look-alike amigurumis, or humanigurumis and needed to know the eye color before I could continue. Now I know the color and will post some pictures tomorrow.

But the main thing is I plan on writing a few more tutorials. I already have plans for one on yarn, hook and tension. Another topic will be on the different ways to add a new yarn color and also on how to close the final holes of your dolls, like the holes at arms or heads or feet. Now the question I would like to know is if there are any big questions you always wanted an answer to? Concerning amigurumi of course, not life or the universe =^__^=

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  1. i am onlu 11 so im new to all this "amigurumi" stuffs. i was wondering if you had any tips on making amigurumi hair with out having to crochet anything, or without having to do any complicated stuff. i always seem to have ample time to do things, but i need to do hair fast before i need to show them but i just cant get it right!

    also, any suggestions on what to have in your, should i say, "tool box"? or "kit"?



  2. Wie fleissig Du bist! Deine Tutorials sind super. ich mag diese "wissenschaftliche Art", die Genauigkeit! Was mich interessieren würde ist 1. das Teilen einer Arbeit in zwei oder mehr Stränge (z.B. zwei Beine etc.) 2. Das saubere Schließen der dabei entstehenden Löcher 3. das "bind off" und Verstecken der Fäden.
    Danke für deine viele Arbeit!!


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