Don't call it Schnitzel

was the third sentence the techician said when repairing my computer (I was watching tv while he pulled every single screw out of my laptop and disassembled the whole thing into pieces and obviously he was listening the commercials while I was watching with horror how my baby turned into hundred parts)
Well, now I write this post on my laptop and everything seems to be fine again

**insert happy face here**

I crocheted a few heads and started on a smaller version of my Wagner, his royal frogness this morning:

EDIT: it's kinda hard to believe that the picture above was taken almost two years ago, man time flies by!

4 Kommentare:

  1. He is so cool! How do you find time to create all these fun amigurumis so quickly?

  2. Ich liebe den Frosch, wird es ihn irgendwann als Anleitung geben? Ich wäre fast bereit dafür zu sterben.

  3. There is an award for you on my blog (knittycatsyarn.blogspot.com). I hope you stop by the get it! :)


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