Mermaid pattern

Meet Gabrielle the mermaid. She is a little girly mermaid.


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as always the pattern comes in printer friendly black and white with detailed drawing like pictures.
Crochet pattern in pdf format, designed for a E / 3.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn, written out in plain English.
This pattern provides a stitch-by-stitch guide.

This pattern is for the intermediate crocheter or an advanced beginner with knowledge of crocheting in the round, increasing, decreasing and some time. Special stitches are explained particularly.
Using a E / 3.5mm hook and the apropriated yarn you should receive a doll about 20 inches long from head to fin if you stretch her curvy tail. With unstretched tail she measures about 9 inches high.
But keep in mind that the size of a finished doll strongly hinges on your yarn and hook.

Unlimited email support is included to help you create your dolls.
Thank You!

and a very special thank you to Stacey from MysticDelights who did a great job in testing this pattern. Have a look at her mermaid. I love the yarn she used on the tail of her Gabrielle.

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    please go here. it is for a good cause

  2. Hi, I have been searching your blog as I have seen your mermaid sometime ago and just loved the way its come out but unfortunately couldn't recollect your site. Today I took out time to especially search your blog as i want to thank you for inspiring me. i have created a mermaid, but the eyes weren't as good as I wanted to be.
    You are the best amigurumi artist I have seen on the web.


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