all blue and a little pink

today I was brunching with a few friends and one of them brought my two bags full of yarn. And good yarn! I like the colors. It's mainly wool/acrylic blends but it's enough to make a sweater from or a few amigurumis. There were also two sets of needles in there, one dpn maybe 4 mm and one circular maybe 2 mm, I haven't checked yet.
The only thing that bothers me, it's all yarn from a smokers home, so it's a bit smelly, any ideas how to get rid of the smell? At the moment it's all lying in my bath tub, to check if there are little beings in there, don't wanna have moths!

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  1. The only way I know of to get rid of the smell is by letting it air out. Maybe you could put it inside a pillow case and machine wash it? I'm don't like that smell much either.

  2. i've used Febreeze to air out a verrrry smelly smoker's car ... because i'm verrrry sensitive (Asthma attacks that can send me to the hospital) ... be sure to test it before using ... and the pillowcase idea sounds great ... toss the skeins in it and spray the pillow case ????


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