Renaissance of the Handmade

earlier this year I received an email from the Goethe institute asking if they could have an interview with me on how the handmade gets more and more important and my point of view as a designer. I was flattered and agreed, of course. The Goethe institue is welll known for its quality.
So in february I received the phone call and Stephanie (the author) and I spoke a good quality of time. How I started in the beginning, what I do when not crocheting, how the reactions of people are who see my work, how it feels to sell stuff and so on.
Today the article got published. And you can read it here (it's in german though)

for all who don't speak german, the article tells my story and those of a few other deisgners, most of us people with a job and a hobby they love to share with others. The article also covers some information on DaWanda, the german match to etsy.

All in all it feels great to be featured upon so many other great designers and to read your name in an article.

Edit: blimey, I must be blind or something, you can find the english version here

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