fearing the dark

I must admit something: I get realy frightend when it's dark. I DO see monsters under my bed that try to catch me!
I can handle when it's dark and I can see properly, but the few moments when I switched the lights off and it's only dark, like in really (!) dark and I can see NOTHING, not a single thing, I get really freaky frightend!

Why am I telling you this? Because I positioned my bed onto four tables (so I have some storage space in my small flat and I also used to sleep "lifted" when I was a child so that was something I missed) and under these four tables there is DARK! I sometimes jump into my bed just to not let those monsters catch me and now I got to actually see what's living under there:

Melissa Sue created this monster that I just found wandering through my blog list. She creates all sorts of cool things, but this one just scared me and it's still bright and sunny outside and I thought I need to share with you. Anybody else scared?

p.s. I'm preparing two more tutorials for this weekend =^__^=

3 Kommentare:

  1. Puh, bin ich erschrocken :o

  2. *Shrieks* Somebody cover my eyes!

  3. How scary! If that was under my bed I'd never shut the lights off!

    Your blog is wonderful, and your amigurumi are so beautiful and amazing. I'm a big fan of your work!

    Can I ask what brand and type of yarn you use that's so smooth and neat-looking?

    Thanks, and keep updating~


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