easter prep emergency

every so often we don't realize it's christmas until it IS christmas. Same thing with easter. No decoration yet, no cakes baked.
I don't have a small one running up and down the house so I don't really NEED to decorate and hide easter eggs and prepare some cute games but I love to decorate for easter. I started strolling in the park next by and watch spring coming closer with huge steps. Buds and flowers popping up everywhere. Smile on peoples faces, the sun getting warmer every day. GREAT. So easter is coming closer and I thouht I'd share some lovely tutorials I found on some of my favorite blogs.

One of them is LollyChops. She makes really cute stuff and has made quite a few bunny and eatser themed posts lately (guess she loves springtime and easter as much as I do). One of the tutorials she shares is for these beautiful easter eggs. These are the most beautiful eggs I have seen this year and the how-to looks like I can do this too.

Another thing you should have when easter time is aproching is easter baskets. Reading the craft magazine blog I came across this lovely instruction for a woven baskets that I have made when I was a child. Lovely memories.

This woven basket is easy to do. One little tip from me, when you make the cuts into the folded paper make sure to make the cuts a little (only a little) bit longer than the width of the matching part. It's easier to weave if you don't need to squeeze the last strips into each other.

The following two baskets I found via Folding Trees.

last but not least: chocolate easter eggs with peanut butter filling. Found on Baking Bites.

yummy! - happy easter!

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  1. Thanks for this post! I've been inspired to hurry up and decide what crafts I want to do so that I don't wake up Easter morning with no fun things in the house.


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