totem pole

A few weeks ago I showed you big feet and today I can show you the rest of the frog. I finished the little one in the middle two days ago. It will be a birthday present for a dear friend of mine but it felt so hard to give it away I made the upper blue feet frog for myself. They are both smaller versions of my Frog Prince Wagner and about the size of medium sized apples. Both measure 3.25" high. From toe to toe they measure about 5". Wagner, the former prince and now the frog king (of course) is 4" high and measures 5.5" from toe to toe. I started writing a pattern for both of them and doing so I made an original version as well. That's the dark green frog at the bottom of this frog pole. With its yellow feet it reminds me of Super Mario Bombs.
I think I can publish the pattern within a week, as well as the one for the little critters. Making the eyes is still a bit difficult but I think I found a solution. So don't forget to post to the blogoversary giveaway if you like to have one of these patterns, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones.

a few more pictures

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