marsupialia shop

as mentioned in my last post I went to Berlin this weekend and enjoyed the shop opening of my blog friends from the Beuteltiere.

The opening was cool. The shop is so sweet and figuring from the pictures (the tons of pictures!!!) from their flickr page the party at the evening was a blast! I missed it to catch my train back home, but I had a great day in our sunny capital. The shop is pretty cute, a bit smaller than I imagined but charming and the handbags they offer are amazing. If I had a strong yearning for bags I wouldn't have left without some to call my own now.

so, if you live in Berlin and like bags, individual ones that not everybody else will carry you should go there

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  1. Hey Diana,
    Happy easter from Beuteltiere :-). Thank you very much for coming and blogging about us.
    Big hug


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