sunny weekends everybody

two tutorials a day, now if this isn't a smooth way to start the weekend I don't know what!

I'm going to Berlin tomorrow to check out the shop opening of two of my dearest blog friends, Katrin and Barbara

let me copy and paste from their blog invitation:

Dear Beuteltiere friends and confederates,

long waiting comes to an end.... the Beuteltiere are opening!
All of you are cordially invited to go on the prowl for new bags and accessories in our Shop(Raumerstrasse 19, 10437 Berlin) Saturday, April 4th 2009.
The doors are open for guests from 11 am and having a glass sparkling wine in your hand you can enjoy sneaking around.
Kick-off for the first Beuteltiere-theme "Cherryblossom festival" will be at 8 pm. Prelude will be the introduction of our new discoveries and their makers. Gorgeous bags, pouches, softies ..... exciting exemplars as far as the Beuteltier can see.

Proudly presenting and enormous excited,
the Beuteltiere Katrin and Barbara

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  1. Sounds like fun! Wish I could go, but it'd be quite expensive to buy a plane ticket from the USA!


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