giraffe crossing

at the moment I'm in a "don't start anything new before you haven't finished your stuff" mood. It's gotten pretty warm outside and I like to wear my knee highs with my skirts and dresses instead of those pantyhoses that stand for winter weather but I only have bought knee highs in my closet so the need to finally finish my handknit pieces is unavoidable. You might remember my waterfall socks if you started reading here about a year ago. And to become aware I have this u.f.o. lying around here for almost a whole year makes me feel bad (not to mention I don't have a clue exactly where I have put this u.f.o.). Besides this I want to knit attitude I also really want to sew something, a new dress or a new skirt and matching top - ever since I wrote about it here the thought didn't leave my head and keeps popping up every time I see the sun in the clear blue sky.

But I need to cross-stitch patches onto a giraffes head, sew on ears and add eyes to a blind monkey.

p.s. don't forget to enter your name to my blogiversary giveaway, today is your last chance, because tomorrow I will reveal the lucky winners.

4 Kommentare:

  1. Those are so cute! Monkies and Giraffesa are some of my most favorite animals (the other two are frogs and turtles). I hope to inprove my talent one day so my stuff turns out looking fabulous like yours.

  2. I love giraffes, and naturally, the one you made is even better than the real ones!

  3. Que hermosos son sus amigurumis¡¡

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