so let's get going with the "pictureaday" challenge and let's combine it with yarn. Because todays challenge is "love". There are a few things I love, one among them definitely has to be yarny love. And of course knitting. The pullover/dress below was started last October or November and lay on the couch for a while, because I met a guy and things went sweet and I was flying too high on cloud #9 to think of knitting and then things got cold and I was too sad to knit and now things are "interesting" (on facebook there's something like - it's complicated) ... why can't love be like a well written knitting pattern? I mean you see a project, dedicate your heart to it, start working on it, sure you might frog, but you will keep going and finally you end up with something warm and cozy that not only keeps you warm but your heart as well?

I got distracted, the pattern to the project above is Revival by Fallmasche. It's a lovely pattern, very well written (even if you need to read it twice to understand) and uses the "new" contiguous method to cast on. No sewing at all included. I decided to knit this as a dress and since it's worked top down I will decide if it will be a dress or if I'm feeling lazy or run out of yarn it will be the pullover it is designed as.

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