Where I stand

Another shot in the "pictureadaychallenge". I took this picture in the frontyard of one of my clients today. She grows a wonderful little garden and the fresh green color dominated above all, made it look kind if juicy. I'm not entirely sure what exactly I see here, but I think it's Lily of the Valleys. Where did you stand today?

3 Kommentare:

  1. Well, this is a Lilly of the Valley. Me and my parents have a dacha (a country house)where this flower grows. I love its fragrance!!! And these tiny white cup-like buds.
    Today I stand in my office, writing this comment :)
    Have a lovely day!!!

  2. oh I need to rake a sniff next time :)

    and another ooooh, we (my granny) had a dacha as well :) haven't heard this word in ages!

    1. :) Glad I brought some memories to you! :) Yes, do smell this flower, it is magical.


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