weekly flashback

|seen| lots of bumble bees |heard| no interesting rumors |read| Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, so far (kindle says I'm 40% into the book) it's a very good read, interesting and unpredictable story line |done| paperwork (and pleased with it, I'm very lazy when it comes to unloved duties) |eaten| too much of my "tomato-butter", I think the lemon juice in there makes it addictive |drunk| strawberry and vanilla milk, yum |thought| about customizing a new laundry basket |been pleased| with myself, I've sticked to my sport schedule very well |got annoyed| with men |wished| for love being simple, got my tiny heart broken again |bought| two new paints at my local mac store |clicked| too many youtube videos by Diana0380 and Laura Vitale

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