not your average asparagus

It's asparagus season and even though I normally don't find that as super exciting as the rest of my environment I made some today. I've always preferred the green asparagus to the white one because I find it's a little tastier and not as soft ... I have a strange way of how food feels in my mouth, for example I just don't eat cooked peas or corn just because I really, really don't like how that feels (actually I don't even remember HOW cooked peas taste that's how rarely I eat them, never)
asparagus dinner

Anyways today I made some asparagus with bacon and eggs, it's not the classic recipe with sauce hollandaise but nonetheless super good. I don't really want to give a recipe for this, as it is so easy: prepare some asparagus and cook it
green asparagus
some bacon
bacon in a pan
and some eggs.

Then arrange everything on a plate, drizzle some olive oil on top as well as some cider vinegar. Finally sprinkle with chives. Et voilà there you go, dinner!

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