a finishing sunday

you won't believe because I hardly can ... I finished two items today, one of them is Wesley yay he's finally done and has eyes, not the ones I had in mind a few days ago because these turned out too big for his tiny body but little stem eyes. I think they suit him surprisingly well, what do you think?

Wesley Crab amigurumi Wesley Crab amigurumi Wesley Crab amigurumi

the other item is knitted, it's the blue "water" Wesley is sitting on. It's High Seas by Kieran Foley. I started this shawl almost two years ago and it was sitting in a bag for way too long.


It still needs blocking and a proper photo shoot, just like Wesley does. The pictures just don't do him justice.

Hope you had a fab week and another fab to come

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  1. The crab is way beyond Adorable, but the shawl is BEAutiful~ I love both of them for differing reasons. The stitch pattern of the shawl is so beautiful and for some reason, it seems peaceful to me.

    The crab is perfect right up to his eyes on stalks! I like that much better than bead eyes or eyes on his shell. Is the pattern for him live? I'd love to test it or just buy it. Kids would love him and I would enjoy making him to add to the fish I carry around in my purse to give to children when we are out shopping or at the doctor's, or eating out, or anywhere else we go.

  2. aww thank you !!! the pattern is still in testing phase (which also means I still need to write the pdf) but if you're on ravelry I'd love to add you to the testers

    I loved the shawl, knitting was a little hard sometimes, it flowed but a 40 row repeat was daunting, I think that's also what kept me so long to finish it

  3. Wesley came out fantastic! I love his little stalk eyes! The curves in his shell are perfect and he looks like he has a sweet little personality... not crabby at all ;)

    The shawl is gorgeous and makes me wish I could knit (but my crochet brain is thinking I can find a similar pattern). The color is beautiful (and makes for a perfect backdrop for Wesley's photos).

    Thanks for sharing your process!

  4. here it is - Wesley! it looks great, with these funny eyes :))) But the crab looks realistic. Thanks for sharing you art.

    i have never tried to make a shawl yet, yours seems to be very beautiful.

    have a great week ahead!

  5. I'm in awe of that shawl! And little Wesley is gorgeous, its been fun watching him grow from a couple of little pincers into a proper little crab. I would love to test him if you're looking for anyone - my son thinks hes great, have just finished making Charly and had a lot of fun with it. I'm BryansMummy on ravelry. Go you on getting stuff finished! :)


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