video tutorial: icord CO and seams

Crescent shaped shawl are started in the middle of the inner circle and I often felt like this inner seamline was to tight. The stitches are stretched to the max when worn and depending on the yarn you use it could feel very harsh against skin. That's why I felt like a softer seamline would also make wearing the shawl make more comfortable. I simply added one row of stitches the seam-stitches by using the i-cord method and the result is smooshy and soft.

How do you do it?, basically you cast on a short i-cord then yarn over and continue on the other side of the i-cord, then work back and forth.
Most crescent shaped shawls use a stitch repeat of (k2, yo, pattern, yo, k2) resp. (k2, kyok, pattern, kyok, k2) as side stitches. I just substituted this "k2" stitches for the i-cord brim which evolves from the i-cord cast on. And made three i-cord rows instead of the classic two rows (right and wrong side). In the video below I take you through the single steps. I hope you find it helpful:

do you make shawls as well? which shape is your favorite? do you knit at all?
most of my readers probably came here for my amigurumi, so did you find it helpful?

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