video making...

... is so weird. First I tried with voice BUT do you remember back in school when your teacher asked you to make a "radio play" or something alike? and you were shocked to hear your own voice? I still feel like that so I cancelled the tone.

But it's not only the tone, also watching my hands, super big, on the screen, knitting, it's so weird as well. Like an outer body experience, or something like that, weirdo!

What am I filming? a little video tutorial for the cast on I talked about in my last post. A side effect is, that now that I finally overcome my "fear" of the camera other videos will follow. I plan quite a few crochet tutorials as well, some will be additions to existing tutorials, a video sometimes explains better than a couple of pictures.


Do you make videos as well? are you on youtube? Please link to them below, if you want to share

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