weekly flashback

this week in instagram form:


1| lunchbreak at Werbellinsee, a nice little hotel north-east of Berlin 2| I had Schnitzel and cucumber salad with fried potatoes, it was very gooood 3| I had ordered bead crocheted necklaces from Italy a while ago which arrived now and are gorgeous (etsy) 4| our weather this week, very hot, very humid with lots of thunderstorms 5| friday night out, crochet and cocktails 6| I want fall and bought new shoes 7| my balcony 8| since Wesley the crab is making my mind spin, I just can't fix his eyes, I needed to get my mind running on something else, so I picked up a shawl I had started in 2010 and never finished - two good things happened, I'm about to finish the shawl AND I have two new ideas for Wesleys eyes 9| we had a little BBQ tonight

what was your week like?

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