she did it...


I made a granny square ... my very first square ever and I like it, and even "worse" I think I will love it!

I plan a blanket, not sure yet how to organize the single squares, not even sure if every square will be a sunflower one, well I guess I will see..

I hope you landed well in 2013, so far it looks like a good year to me ^__^

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  1. Hi, Diana! Happy new year! :)
    I must say that your square is lovely! the sunflower in the center is absolutely stunning!I can imagine such in a blanket - they will look gorgeous in combination with other, simple ones:)you can even make same pillow case! Ahh..I will also start a granny square blanket! Decided!

    1. hihi, didn't I just read you wanted to take a break from crochet? ;P you made a lovely doily.

      I hope you're well with all the madness going round :)

      happy New Year, Diana

    2. Yes, i took already, the whole 4 days!:)hehe
      it's just I saw many blogger either finished or in the process of making a blanket, so I kind of envy that I haven't made even one yet!
      thanks for liking the doily,Diana.
      catch up here later:)

  2. That is truly beautiful. Don't tempt me any more?! :)


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