FO - - flower pot

it's done, it's finished, finally! Never thought it would take this long, but it's the assembling, always this oh so enoying assembling. But I did it ^_^

isn't it lovely?

and so beautiful?

and so unique?

I truely love it!

the pattern will be available as .pdf download soon, of course for free, but until now you will need to see the single blog posts on flower potti, sorry for the long way round

uh, something very important, when having sewn the lawn to the ground, you will need to push the florists wire through the buds and stems to give the flowers its stand. The important thing: you might need more than one string of wire per flower, depending on the weight of the flowers head. For example I needed only one (I added two nevertheless) for the white bud without petals, but the pink flower needed four wires to stay up, so I guess either you use thicker wire or you use more than one.

4 Kommentare:

  1. oh yes, it is really beautiful!

  2. That's beautiful, well done. I look forward to checking out your pattern and giving it a go myself.

  3. Absolutely wonderful !!! good job !

  4. This is so beautifull ! Thanks for sharing the pattern !

    I really like it , I'm not that good with plants ;-) I'll ned one of these :-))


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