a little bit like christmas

today three packages were waiting for me when I came home from work, yeah packages, gifts, presents, christmas for me, me, me ^_^
and opening I found this

WOLLMEISE, oooooh, **drool**
Frosch and Rhabarber
the lovely Claudia offered to get me some, when going to see (she saw!!!) the Wollmeise on a yarn market near her and look what she brought me

oooh, drooling little bit more

and also the spinning can begin now, well almost, since I don't have roving yet, BUT, today I also received my first book on spinning, it's full of pictures (which should have been quite obvious, since it's called teach yourself VISUALLY spinning) and I think very useful

and my new niddy noddies and a nostepinde, so I can wind my new yarn in whatever I like, yeah

Also I finished flower potty, FINALLY
can't believe this took so long, well the actual crocheting was finished some time ago (think about the beginning of may) but assembling is really something that stops me from finishing, I just don't like it and get distracted too easily with new projects, but it's finished now, pictures will follow tomorrow, when it's better light. And also a very useful tip: don't forget to stuff the full lenght of your stems before you sew them to the earth ball, otherwise (I learned just now) you a) can un-sew it from the earth or b) like I did, push stuffing through the little holes between the crochet stitches very carefully

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