pop heart

the package for my coughing and sneezing manly man finally arrived today, he says he already feels better just for receiving it


and now that he got his presents I can show you what little lovely thingy I crocheted for him - - a pop art heart, so called pop heart

the pictures are of no good quality but give enough detail: it's not an average heart, with its uneven / non-balanced lovecups and its pointy ending, just a real cuty, and you can make one too, very easily because this pattern will be for free, I wrote it ready and can make a downloadable pdf as soon as I made another heart to have better pictures (also for the pattern itself, if you can't wait, convo me and I mail you the pattern pdf without new pictures of the finished pop heart)

have a great weekend, I will be off to a class reunion (ten years) but I'm not in the mood for this, not at all, I was argued into it and now I am hoping for rain (sooo badly)

**dear universe, would you please let it rain? the whole day? but not everywhere of course, only where I live, please, would you?**

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  1. hello
    i love this little hearts!!!!
    and i ask if you can send me the pattern plis
    i'm Hiengel from Chile
    just send me a mail to small_freckles@yahoo.es



  2. Hi Hiengel,
    I tried to mail you, but the mail couldn't be delivered.
    YOu can download the pattern here, did you see the red heart at the side bar? in the free patterns section?

    Bye, Diana


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