I am sad

I am sad because I miss Bradley, just finished and already gone. I planed to make a happy Finished-Object-Post on tuesday, with happy pictures of Bradley and his lovely biggy bum - I adore his bum, its yummie ;o) - his cool turtleneck sweater, his huge antlers, the hoofs (see he's an even-toed ungulate), the ... oh there is so much to love about him, don't forget the dinky tail ^_^
well for some reason I didn't post, instead I was giving extra lessons for a friend's daughter (english, lately) and today, last private tutoring and give away of Bradley. This girl ordered him and now she has got him and I didn't even have had enough time to adore him

so I will love from afar **sigh**

ooh, and very strange, without his antlers he looks like a brown sheep, don't you think?

P.S. - before I put out the pattern for Bradley I want to make some little changes to him, very little changes, so it might take a while, not to mention there are still some other patterns that are more or less ready for publication but still need some re-reading

catchy tune of the day: Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

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