two posts a day

first I had a fabulous brunch, lots of laughing, lots of food, aaaaand a friend called me, asking which Wollmeise sock yarn I'd prefer, yeah finally wollmeise in my stash - yippideedoodaa yippideedaa

second the mother marion kick spindle I've been ogling with is sold, which one of you did it ? ^-^, no, who? either way I'm gonna get my own, just emailed the guy with the spindles

but aaarrrgh, it's sold

third there was this guy wearing a danger mouse t-shirt, do you remember danger mouse, loved this show when I was little

and fourth someone brought the book 'Monster des Alltags' by Christian Moser, it's so cute and so funny and true (scary as it is), if you can try to get one of these
these monsters just scream to be made into amigurumi, ever wanted envy or laziness or zest for action or lovesickness to hug or punch *make-evil-smile-here*

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