on vacations with the BF

a long weekend with my boyfriend. We don't get to see each other very often (long distances), so this weekend wasn't much knitting but sightseeing, the beach, the movies, and a visit in neighbouring town Stralsund in the new museum called Ozeaneum. Opened on friday and been there at saturday, it wasn't all finished yet but nevertheless pretty interessting. The most impressing part were the whales in original sizes that hung in a dark room with whale-noises, whales ARE big animals.

lots of other information and beach animals

the only bad thing on the town is its cobblestone pavement, the whole town is cobbles, I can tell you my feet burned yesterday and my legs still ache today (of course a long walk at the beach in the sand doesn't make it much better)

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  1. oooh, thank you very much for this insight. i love the stralsund ocean-museum and can't wait to see the new one. your little seahorses are going to become wonderful, and although i dont like crocheting that much i like knitting, i have to try one as soon as you have finished the pattern!


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