fall is over

yepp, it's officially winter, my wardobe will turn winter!.
Today has been the first day that has been really freezing cold: rainy, stormy and only 4°C
that's bitterly cold and definitly too cold for my "normal" clothes, so be aware winter I'm preparing!

And I've also received my first winter greetings in the post today.

aren't these stars lovely? I guessed correctly when Katrin of marsupialia was asking what she was making (a christmas calender). Katrin and Barbara are starting a new buissness and just started a blog (so there wasn't that much competition, ^_^ but hey I won, that's all that counts ^_^ )

They providing the pattern for the little star at their blog, it's very cute and easy to make.
You also should check out a bit of their stuff, they want to open a store for new designers and mainly sell bags, all sorts of (clutches, bigger handbags, messenger, purses, everything; what thrilled me most during the last posts was this one on felt-zipper bags, these are the most creative bags I've ever seen)

Thanks so much Katrin the stars will be decorating my window plants, the straw-like color is gorgeous and will absolutely bring some nice winter feelings to my room (not this freezing cold ugh weather)

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  1. hey diana,
    I am happy that you enjoyed Katrin's stars!!
    Just checked out stats...thank you for writing about us!
    I am currently packing boxes to move to Berlin tomorrow to start a new life!! I am so excited.
    Greetings from my las day at Aachen
    Marsupial Barbara


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