all new and all mine

yepp all mine, yesterday I was at the customs and I could open my package from kpixie. Inside I found my new knitting bag, actually my first REAL knitting bag, one that is titled knitting bag, even before I make it one. My new namaste zuma bag in gorgeous peacock color. It is a lot prettier than in the pictures of the website (I would share my own pictures today if I had my laptop working). And it has a lovely soft touch to the hand. I also got the small buddy case in olive, I just couldn't resist the price. And it reminds me if the thing my granny used to have, I don't remember if ot was for her glasses or manicure set or maybe even crafty things, I only remember her having one like these, although I think hers didn't had magnets inside (this sounds like it will be very helpful when traveling).

I also bought a new crochet hook, with the new soft grip! It actually doesn't feel much different than before, but maybe I just don't realize, who knows. (maybe I'm just too cruel to my hooks, a nice comment mentions my passion when I hook . . . ;o))

oh, and today I received the latest and maybe hottest spam mail: Now there no longer are strange pills and enlargments, NOPE!
NOW I get email from THE PRESIDENT!!! whooohoo, anybody else =^__^=

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  1. hihi, I got one of those spam mails, too :)

    Congratulations on your new bag, it really is great!


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