curves and tails

first progress pictures fo my mermaid:

The tail turned out great, it curves wonderfully, the fin is a bit floppy but that's kinda cute too. The body though is not as satifying as I had it in mind so I'm going to frog it again and try once more, I don't want her to be that thin and "grown up", she has too much behind and her waist also starts too early, probably a little hard to explain, but I can vision her and you will see her soon as well. I think this "mis-shaping" has alot to do with the fact, that I've never ever made a doll from the behind to the front before, it feels a little weird to see a doll grow the other way round.

I also got lots of new doll yarn - yummi

and when the yarn for my new hobby arrives I will post on latch hooking, I have a new bath rug in mind and want to try it, I think it will take a whole lotta time to finish something like that but you never know, I might love it and finish within days, more when the yarn is here

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  1. She did start looking a bit odd on the top half didn't she? ;) I'm working on a snail shell right now and am having shaping issues as well. I just don't quite like the look of a rolled tube or a cone. ~Shrug~ We'll see how it goes.

  2. I scraped the first shell I did. I should have taken a picture first. Hopefully something will pop into my head. Do you have any ideas on how to make rounded half tubes? If I can figure this out I think I'll be able to make it work. I sure did pick a challenge didn't I? Thanks for offering some help!

  3. Hi Di!

    Der Schwanz sieht toll aus, aber beim Rest fehlen so ein bisschen die seitlichen Formen...Hüfte, Taille und so. :-)


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