I was searching the web for - what was I searching for again? oh, right a good way of cutting thick felt properly without having these fluffy ends (guess what's the best tip? sharp scissors, I could have come up with that, duh!)
Well, I was surfing the web, and found some great new blogs and sites. One of them is giggleface studios, where I learned more on tinting felt and fabrics with crayons. That's a very interesting idea I've not seen before and also leaves me with the simple idea of embroidering my felt pieces (I want to make coasters) instead of decorating them with cutted felt pieces.

Sponge design is a very cool site as well (I was back on my search for cutting felt), there I've seen some cute felt placemats that were cutted and then sewn, but I also found this entry on a before and after story of a ottoman that wanted to be a coffee table. And following this ottoman I found, and that is the reason why I post today, this entry on the artwork of Paul Villinski: butterfly art pieces, so beautiful!

I might consider this as something for my next appartment, the picture below is my favorite arrangement.

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  1. Thank you so much for this link. The butterflies are gorgeous! Any ideas what to use to cut them out of beer cans?

  2. Wow! I absolutly love the arrangements he's made with all those buterflies. Just gorgeous!

  3. my idea would be to use wall decalls instead of beer cans. I've seen them on etsy for a nice price (can't think of how many cans I would need for such an arrangement). And you can choose from some colors too.

  4. look like that is a lot of work to do!!
    Greetings from Marsu Barbara


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