green eyes

my mermaid has a head now, and Gabrielle also has lovely green eyes. Deep like the sea. Did I mention before that her name is Gabrielle? Do you like it?

I made some changes to the body she doesn't look much different from the side now, but from the front it's a whole new mermaid, much better shaping, and much closer to what I had pictured. I want to give her a girl like impression, the impression of a teen under the sea, with reddish brown hair and ponytails.
I first went for curly hair and also tried a couple of different curling hairs. I liked the three on the left side the best and also started to crochet her a wig but I soon realized her hair will be too big and I wanted straighter hair. But I love the color, so I will keep it like that

and I got myself a little treat today, the best snack ever!

dried sour cherries

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  1. OH, she's gorgeous! She will make all the seamen jump overboard!

  2. What a cute name! It fits her perfectly.

  3. I understand what you're saying. I'm not sure it will work to well either. I'm doing something with tiny puff stitches right now. I hope it works out but if not I'll start over again :P

  4. It's in Stockholm - the beautiful blue building is the Concert Hall situated at Hötorget (the Haymarket)in the center of Stockholm. The statue is by Carl Milles and called Orfeus and is located just outside. In the spring and summer people gather on the steps of the building haveing lunch or just talking.


  5. Your blog is so inspiring! I've tried crocheting a few times since I wasa little girl but it all seemed so complicated! I feel amazed when I see so many wonderful things! Congrats!

  6. I just had to share this link with you since you're making a mermaid of your own.


    Your's I know is going to look at least this good when it's finished.

  7. I really love Owlishly's dolls. I hope the Save Handmade petition helps protect handmade business. I'd love to buy some of her dolls if I ever have a little girl of my own. I need to tell my sil so she can buy some for her daughter.

    I have an image in my head of what I want the snail to look like. I tried drawing it but I have apparently lost the talent of drawing LoL! I found a picture on flickr of a knit snail. I think I may be able to create a crochet pattern from it. I'm in the process of trying right now. I just got more ink for my printer so I'll be able to bring the picture with me.

    I love the style of Beth's snails too! They are so cute! Maybe she was able to do the dc by stuffing lightly or maybe sc dec in between rows holds the dc together. Now that I look at it more closely it looks like she did two dc in each st. I know that if you do three dc in each st it pushes them together tight enough that the stuffing doesn't show through. I'll have to test it out. I was wanting my snail to look as life like as possible with the round spiral shaped shell but because of the difficulties it's imposing I might go a simpler route and do something similar to Beth's. We'll see in due time I suppose.

    Btw I'm excited for that next posting you mentioned. It sounds fun!


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