we have an aisley

so I found out that latch hooking is pretty mindless.
Not much attention to the pattern, some counting, all in all it's very nice to sit on the couch and watch television while hooking. The only thing that bugs me is that my skin is irritated by the stiffness of the fabric, I scratch my hands on it and have minor wounds (oh, this sounds very bad, maybe wounds is not the right word, but - well, it's red and hurts a little)

I must have made about 800 knots so far (eight hundret! wow) because the first package of yarn is almost empty (cream color) and the second one is half through (there are 540 strands of yarn per package)

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  1. maybe try the cheap gloves for dish washing/house cleaning to protect your hands ... cut off the finger tips of the gloves (especially if they're tool long) to pick up yarn better


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