weekly flashback

|seen| streets, the sky, some clients - a very regular week at work I guess |heard| I heard a rumour, they travel far, you know what its like, the way people are ... whoever will tell me first in the comments section what this song is, will win a pattern of mine for free, you can choose any pattern you like (please make sure I can contact you) Congrats to Anne, she was the first one to comment the right answer :) |read| still reading 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' by Ransom Riggs and I still enjoy it alot, with about 3/4 through the book I still have no idea where it's going to lead me but I want to find out |done| house cleaning |eaten| asparagus and chocolate - not together though |drunk| just the regular, water and coffee |thought| about the design for my laundry basket project |been pleased| with the weather, perfect spring |got annoyed| that I didn't have as much felt left as I thought to make a new laundry basket |wished| I had checked on the felt earlier |bought| a new camera and I love it |clicked| amazon for sewing books, no buy though (machwerke it's all your fault!)

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  1. Could it be Breathe by Depeche Mode?

  2. it could :)
    Congrats Annne, you won. what pattern would you like? I will contact you through your profile as well
    xx, Diana

  3. Yeah, what a great surprise! I would love the little critters :)

  4. and the pattern is on its way, hope you will enjoy it, have a lovely sunday


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