weekly flashback

|seen| a cool street art in Berlin |heard| about the Navajo knitting technique which origins from spinning and will definitively be something I will try in the future |learned| about the various ways a crab can pinch/snap/crush or even slice you |read| oh, no books this week |done| this week was filled with crochet, knitting, chatting and meeting; I love vacation |eaten| we had a BBQ :) |drunk| ice cold shaken teas with syrup (not my cup'o'tea) |been pleased| with Wesley, see below ^__^ |got annoyed| only the weather in the last two days: thunderstorms and heatwave |wished| I already had made some eyes for Wesley, so he could see the world around him |bought| too much yarn |clicked| ravelry


what's been your highlight this week?

4 Kommentare:

  1. Nice crab :)) Waiting for him to get eyes soon!
    My highlights are as.. being sick (tired of it), spending time with my husband, partying and then resting at home the next day.

  2. yay and :( hope you get well soon!

  3. it´s a beutiful crab I want to see it finished!


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