Crochet? really?

in between all the Holiday Joy, eating and knitting on the couch I just realized one thing: is it just me or does crochet become quite popular lately? I mean, like hip-popular? I remember a few year ago, not many, when I rarely read about crochet elsewhere, when posting something on ravelry and asking for crochet help it took "ages" to get an answer, when people only felt like real crafters 'cause they knitted...

and it happens to me too!
In case you should be one of the two people who follow me from the very very beginning (which was like 2007) you know that I never found crochet to be cool, because I was thinking that way too, that crochet would mean lace doilies that my grandma used to make. I learned how to do that in school and still have one of my window hanging decorations somewhere in a box and quite liked it but I never figured that would be something I could actually use for something. Crochet wasn't a craft I looked into until I found myself in making amigurumi.

But lately there is something happening to me, I want to make granny squares! whaaaa! Maybe two years ago I saw a pillow case made from all grey granny squares which looked very pretty. It also showed a picture of a pillow case that used white granny squares and a single "row" of red squares. Very very pretty. I think that sowed the seeds. Lately I'm seeing granny squares everywhere and they scream at me to turn them into an afghan, a gigantic afghan for my couch... I think it won't take long until I actually start ...

a little panicky to see the next year, I mean, HOW heavy must a full size granny square afghan be?,
take care, Diana

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  1. You are not the only one wondering that ._.
    I learned to crochet because it helped me "disconnect" from the world. But lately, almost in every single blog I go to, for one reason or the another, it seems as if it just has to be an entry dedicated to crochet, specifically, amigurumi.

    Seeing granny squares everywhere? Well, they are easy to do xD. And for the weight, well, it depends in what kind of material you want to use, how big are you going to do the squares, and how many of them. I've doing a blanket for a while, and I still can see the day when I'll finish all those squares, and finally start sewing (or crocheting) them together... though, that's mostly my fault, I'm lazy and have circulation problems, so yeah... I shouldn't be doing crochet a lot... actually, I shouldn't be doing many of the things a I do. Okay, returning to the point, I have all those squares in a bag, and it's not exactly "heavy", my squares are quite big, so I really don't have many of them; but I'm telling you, once I start uniting those things, it'll become quite heavy, not 'oh-my-gosh-I-can't-lift-this' heavy, but I think you get the idea xD.

    Good luck, though! If you decide to do it, there are some awesome patterns everywhere! Or you can create your own n_n

    1. that's so true!
      I was thinking about some good old cotton to use for a blanket, should be easy to care of as well, I wouldn't want a blanket that would need hand washing and I was too afraid to even use because it might get dirty..

      thus far I'm browsing the patterns that are out there and probably buy new yarn ^__^

      have a lovely weekend ahead, Diana


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