December 22nd


obviously blogging with my phone doesn't work as properly as I thought and since I'm at my parents house during the holidays (which I didn't plan at the beginning of the month) and continuing my advent calendar is become a little challenge now I thought about possibilities to get it running but without weird blog posts from my phone.

that's why I came up with a little coupon code thingi. If you buy two of my patterns over at my ravelry store and use the code: hohoho; you will only pay for one and get the other one for free.

You can use the coupon more than once, so if you want to buy four you will get two of them free

I do hope you enjoy this little gift

I also hope you enjoy the holidays, spend it with good friends and family, maybe some delicious food and even some snow

happy holidays,
hohoho, Diana ____

store: mygurumi
code: hohoho
valid until December 26th

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