December 17th


it's ornament Monday ^__^

today I share the classic gingerbread man.
mine are un-decorated, I wanted mine to be simple and plain, but of course you can decorate yours to your taste, I always see the little gingerbread man from Shrek whenever I think about gingerbread men.

/ 17b

Gingerbread man ornament

1__ make a dr with 6 sc
2__ m2 x6
3__ sc2, m2 x3, sc3, m2 x3, sc1
4__ sc4, m2, sc1, m2, sc6, m2, sc1, m2, sc2
5__ sc6, m2, sc10, m2, sc4
6-8__ sc24
9__ sc7, sc2tog, sc10, sc2tog, sc3
10__ sc5, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc6, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc1
11__ sc4, sc2tog x3, sc3, sc2tog x3 (last decrease will cross the marker, just replace the marker and continue with the next round
12__ (sc3, sc3tog) x2
13__ sc8
14__ sc4, chain9, sc8 starting in 2nd chain from hook, jump back onto main part / head and continue the round: sc4 and chain9 again, sc8 starting in 2nd chain from hook and continue to work in a spiral, we don't turn anywhere
15__ sc11, m2, sc1(this is the "turning" stitch and can be a little tricky to poke through, a second hook helps a lot to get the new loop/stitch), m2, sc18, m2, sc1 (again the turning stitch), m2, sc7
16__ sc12, m2, sc1, m2, sc20, m2, sc1, m2, sc8
17__ m2, sc2, m2, sc21, m2, sc2, m2, sc21
18__ m2, sc4, m2, sc8, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc8, m2, sc4, m2, sc9, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc7
19__ sc15, sc2tog, sc2, sc2tog, sc21, sc2tog, sc2, sc2tog, sc6
20__ sc9, chain1, sc9, chain1 skip 16
21__ (sc9, m2) x2
22__ sc22
23__ (sc10, m2) x2
24__ sc17, chain 2, skip 7 before M amd 5 after M, start 1st leg

first leg
25__ sc12, for next two sc only use one loop of the chain sts (other half will be used on second leg)
26-30__ sc14
31__ sc7, sc2tog, sc5
32__ sc2tog x7 (! last deccrease will cross marker)
BO with slip stitch

2nd leg
25__ start at base of 1st leg : sc12, make next sc2 into other halves of chain from the first leg
26-30__ sc14
31__ sc7, sc2tog, sc5
32__ sc2tog x7 (! last deccrease will cross marker)
BO with slip stitch

in case you have little holes between the legs, sew them closed with the yarn ends from the feet.

now stuff a little (gingerbread man should stay kind of flat) and sew the arms closed, !!! using a new piece of yarn for each arm !!! hide yarn ends


> stuff legs and head
> sew one arm closed
> stuff closed arm and belly
> start sewing other arm
> stuff arm and continue sewing arm closed

now embellish if you wish and enjoy!

♥ Diana

4 Kommentare:

  1. very cute ginger man ornament, Diana! I wonder how you make patterns so quickly, and also write them down!:)thanks for sharing! Have a Merry Christmas! Anna

    1. Have a Merry Christmas as well :)

      sometimes I wonder this as well ;) I just need to be in the right mood and I write down every single stitch as I make it, this way I only need to test-crochet once and can give the pattern out, not "designing" a pdf also helps a lot with "publishing speed"

  2. Very cute. Thank you for your patterns. Merry Christmas from Spain

    1. you're welcome :)

      merry Christmas from Germany :) Diana


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