December 2nd


it's Cookie-Sunday time!

Christmas is THE time of year for baking and cookies and cakes and what not, and I'm no excuse to the rule ^__^

I will be showing you my favorite Christmas/winter cookies every Sunday until Christmas this year, enjoy!

my must-have-cookie-cause-it's-so-yummi-cookie is one I call Macadamia-Busserl

Busserl is a germanish word for kiss



makes about 35

125g macdamia-nuts
100g dark chocolate
1 egg
a pinch salt
175g all-purpose flour
75g sugar
vanilla aroma
125g butter/margarine


chop nuts and chocolate, beat the egg-white together with a pinch salt until it is stiff, cream egg-yolk with the butter. In a bowl add flour, sugar, nuts, chocolate and mix. Add the egg-yolk-butter mixture together with the vanilla aroma and mix. Now form little balls of about 2cm diameter and place on a baking sheet. Bake at 180°C for about 15-20 minutes or until the cookies start to take a golden-brown color. Cool on a rack and enjoy!


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  1. oh please, Diana! don't tease me with these yummy cookies! not sure we macdamia nuts here.:)have a lovely Sunday! Anna


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